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"GoBoiano - 11 Unfortunate People That Believe Hatsune Miku Is Anime" - Actually, she is. Hastune Miku is an anime singer. You know how Lady Gaga is a singer and not an actor, well Miku is an anime singer and not an actor. Aka, not in any anime show's. I use Lady Gaga cause Miku did an opening show for her.

GoBoiano - 11 Unfortunate People That Believe Hatsune Miku Is Anime<<< XD

I got: Magi the Labyrinth of Magic! What Anime Show Should You Be In?

What Anime Show Should You Be In?

Dragon ball z? I guess I belong in it. this isn't just a gif its a mini exam that tells you what you'd be in

Anime list yesss I need something like this

For all anime fans who don't know what to watch next. An anime list. I think this anime list is actually longer than mine.

Kagerou Project - Mekaku City Actors.  I already know i posted this i just need it for refrence and closer at the top so i can see it better cuz cba to scroll down ~~ too busy to do it ~~ teehee (^ν^) (^з^)-☆

Mekacury city actors I just pinned this so I can memorize their names. It's impossible to get their names straight just going off of the music videos.

carteles anime vocaloid desmotivaciones                                                                                                                                                      Más

If you cry don't worry is just that your heart can't show his feeling anymore

Fruits Basket by Takaya Natsuki. By far the best anime show I have ever seen!

Tohru asleep at door and the cast at background! From Fruits Basket