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  • Sunseia Santiago

    Minute to Win It games -- good for kids parties or maybe fun school's party.

  • Birgit Barth

    Minute to Win It games. Would be fun for a kid's birthday party! | with Pin-It-Button on

  • Steph F-B

    Minute to Win It games -- school party ideas

  • Jessica Anderson

    Minute to Win It games -- good for kids parties or maybe fun school's out for summer party. youth!!

  • Shannon Miner

    PBIS Assembly game ideas

  • Susie Rawlings

    Party Games: Stack 5 empty soda cans on top of a floating plate

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Dancing Oobleck see sound waves in action too cool! All you need is cornstarch,water and a speaker

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Minute to Win It Game idea! Very Funny! by sherry. Did this at girls camp and watching everyone do it was hilarious!!!

Snowball Fight Required Items White paper for each player or team. Place a dividing line in the middle of the room. Players or teams will need to wad up the white paper and have a snowball fight. The player or team who has the least number of “snowballs” on their side after one minute is the winner.

Game 1 Go Fishing. I did this one 2 at a time. They had to fan their tissue paper fish under the little brown table. It was a fish trap in case you were wondering

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Our Last Day in Pictures. Fun party games for the classroom, love the minute to win it ideas

Don't Blow It! All you need is a glass bottle (we used an empty Starbucks coffee drink bottle), a deck of cards, and a timer. Simply set the deck of cards face down on the bottle with the joker being on the bottom of the pile face up. Then start the timer. The contestant will then gently blow the deck of cards and trying to keep the joker on top. This task must be completed in under a minute.

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