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el amor de mi vida

Mark and Cara have a really special bond that sort of makes them my brotp. Quinn and Trey don& count because technically they are brother and sister.

Eulus! + glasses. I may need to give that kid glasses. Lookit how cute he is!

I assume this is burdge-bug's Simon Lewis from the mortal instruments. I rather like it :) <------ actually, burdge said she was just having fun drawing the people who came into the library.

howtotrainyourpoptart:  The four founders regular and genderswapped. Art by Burdge Bug

The Four Founders as teenagers: Godric (far left), Helga (center left), Rowena (center right), and Salazar (far right). Art by burdge.

Scalp Points - Front

rainbowthinkerart ~ Scalp points is really important. You would want it to look natural, and from there you can control where your front hair goes. There are 3 main points, one in the middle and the other two by your temples.