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    Helmet Italian 1550 CE Embossed Steel

    Stormcloak Helm made with foam rubber and paint

    Vikings in Shetland

    Desiderius Helmschmid work cc. 1513–1579. Charles V. helmet.

    Stormcloak Helm made with foam rubber and paint


    Skyrim dragonscale armor, cosplay.

    lion mask

    Paantu mask. Priestesses have long protected Miyako, a small island part of the Okinawa chain of islands. Though ceremonies and masks vary according to each village, they share a common animist basis: female elders are entrusted with the responsibility of guarding a village’s sacred forests, wells, springs and oracles from the evils spirits, Paantu.

    Theyyam, popular Hindu ritual art form of worship of North Kerala, India

    It's not the pig head that's funny. It's this guys body that kills me.

    LOXOLOP FACADE: Young Igbo Mask Dancers Wearing Net Masks and Raffia Costumes, photograph by Lorenzo Dow Turner, Nigeria 1951

    Selk´nam People, Tierra del Fuego, Martín Gusinde.



    another cute but creepy


    gentleman, by deaddeaddeaddead

    whoa ... orphanwork: Wilder Mann © Charles Fréger

    photograph by Charles Freger


    National Geographic January 1977 Chang Shuhua

    creepy vintage halloween pictures | Creepy Halloween Costumes Part...

    Nepcetaq Ceremonial mask.