Best pick-up line EVER. I love phoebe. Omg someone should dare me to this like seriously.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Im going to remember this!

No uterus, no opinion.

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I'm with Joey

this cracked me up

I love Ross! Three tries at marriage and he finally got Rachel! :)

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Ross & Rachel - friends Fan Art

I love Chandler & Joey


Christian pick-up lines

my favorite friends show of all time!!

oh Phoebe...

FRIENDS. Always felt like they were my friends too- and still feel that way.

Phoebe quotes.

Oh Phoebe! haha

Ross playing the bagpipes with Phoebe singing. This makes me laugh every time

Pick up line.... HAHAHAHA!


Just a little stats and psych humor. (Statistical Significance & Null hypothesis)