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My favorite Andy Griffith Show character - Leon! <3 (Clint Howard)  This is Opie's real brother. He always has a sandwich with him.


My favorite Andy Griffith Show character - Leon! (Clint Howard) He was Ron Howard (Opie)'s little brother.

Who will play our beloved Andy Griffith and other dearly departed celebs?

Tough acts to follow

Hundreds of pictures from the Andy Griffith show, including of course the inimitable Don Knotts.

Ronnie Howard

Ronnie Howard

Andy Griffith and Mayberry, the way life used to be......simpler, politer, less stressful, easier, just better.

Andy Griffith, beloved ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ star, dies at 86

Andy Griffith, photographed on the set of TV's near Los Angeles, Feb. 1979 plays salvage expert extraordinaire Harry Broderick, hero of the series.

George Lindsey - "Goober" on the Andy Griffith Show

May George Lindsey, actor best known as Goober Pyle (The Andy Griffith Show, Mayberry RFD, Hee Haw)

RetroWeb Classic Television: The Andy Griffith Show - A Behind-The-Scenes Gallery

Don Knotts, Andy Griffith and Elinor Donahue, 1961 episode "The Guitar Player Returns"

Andy Griffith lived to be 86. I will always remember him as the sheriff of Mayberry. 1926 - 2012

Andy Griffith passed away this morning (37 photos)

Actor Andy Griffith, best known for his roles as Sheriff Andy Taylor in “The Andy Griffith Show” and country lawyer Ben Matlock in “Matlock,” died this morning. He was 86 and passed at his home in North Carolina.

Pop Videos for Engaging Kids With Content! | Florida Civics

Pop Videos for Engaging Kids With Content!

A funny video about the Preamble of the Constitution. Barney finds his old history book and Andy tests him about the Preamble. Good way to add a little humor to your lesson plans.