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The Smith Enterprise Crazyhorse M1A with EBR Chassis, X14 drum, MK 4 LR/T Rifle scope & SOCOM can, and Atlas bipod.

The Smith Enterprise Crazyhorse The Smith Enterprise Crazyhorse with EBR Chassis, drum, MK 4 LR/T Rifle scope & SOCOM can, and Atlas bipod.

Sniper rifle; Nightforce scope

Sniper rifle with Nightforce scope, cheekrest, and bipod


Knight's Armament "Stoner Rifle" with an FN Hestal Grenade Launcher, ELCAN SpectreDR ACOG, and a Laser Sight. // This AR's got all the trimmings!

Time to go to work

Brugger & Thomet suppressed submachine gun with Glock 29 gen 4 handgun

gen 5 2012 special edition via newark firearms. Specially modded with slick-shift barrel, stock interchange, jump-cut fire rate and manual switch. Optional mount for electric rds and laser sight. So much awesomeness rolled into one package!


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chainsaw light machine gun by Knight's Armament. This is the gun exactly from cod ghosts