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女優レア・セドゥの旅支度   http://harpersbazaar.jp/escape/lea-seydoux-travel-notebook

女優レア・セドゥ(Lea Seydoux)の旅支度|ハーパーズ バザー

女優レア・セドゥの旅支度 http://harpersbazaar.jp/escape/lea-seydoux-travel-notebook

소울드레서 (SoulDresser) | [Lea Seydoux] 제가 레아 세이두 여덕입니다 - Daum 카페

Léa Seydoux - French girls know more ways to break your heart than mend it (I imagine)

シンプルイズザベスト! パリジェンヌに学ぶ10のおしゃれ術。 | キナリノ

シンプルイズザベスト! パリジェンヌに学ぶ15のおしゃれ術。

Lea Seydoux has that effortless French-girl thing going on - and we love it…




レア・セドゥが新ボンドガールに抜擢 http://ellegirl.jp/article/lea-seydoux-is-the-new-bond-girl-141015/?cmpid=tw_141015-lea-seydoux

レア・セドゥが新ボンドガールに抜擢|エル・ガール オンライン

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Lea Seydoux (born 1 July is a French actress and model. Lea is most well known for her roles.

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Léa Seydoux is a French actress and model. Along with award-winning performances in French cinema and television. she shared the Palme d'Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival for the film Blue is the Warmest Color.