Cam Gigandet may have won the hot dad of the year award back in 2009 when he was spotted carrying baby Everleigh Rae across his midsection in a LittleStar Baby Sling.

Colin Firth | 28 Sexy Pictures Of Older Actors When They Were Young. Ah Yes! He just gets sexier as the years go by.



Cam Gigandet. YUMMY:p

Chris Evans

Scott Eastwood. The longest ride isn't even out yet, but after seeing him... It's my new favorite movie ;)

Hot Baseball Players!

Channing Tatum Magic Mike

josh bowman, i love you.

Gorgeous Men Over 40...


Tim McGraw

Channing Tatum... too hot!

Seriously! Could he be any sexier?! OMG

Okay seriously with attractive men holding babies? I can't handle this much cuteness.

David Beckam. hot guy and tattoos.... Sweet baby jesus!

Gerard Butler

Hot damn ;)

In loveeee with him

couldn't help it