Cam Gigandet may have won the hot dad of the year award back in 2009 when he was spotted carrying baby Everleigh Rae across his midsection in a LittleStar Baby Sling.

Cam Gigandet - Hot Dad & Baby - cutest thing ever!

Chris Hemsworth = DILF.

Ideal Models for Cadeon Woede: Chris Hemsworth

still sexy.

Hot Much?

jamie dornan....TELL ME THIS AIN'T HOT..WHEW

Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and their daughter Everly

hot, hot daddy :) LOVE it! Hope I find a guy secure enough to carry the baby in a sling...not to mention the HOT factor ;)

Hot men w/kids are so freakin' sexy!

chris evans. what.

This is what porn for women looks this.

Mega Hot Men

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