Strikingly beautiful for some reason

NYC at night in fog. Photographer unknown


feet hanging off dock

#BwLovedByPascalRiben - ALL ANIMALS IN BLACK AND WHITE board:

I chose this photo for its drastic change in contrast. The black and white effect each other greatly in this photo and it really captures the eye. The symmetry is also very aesthetically pleasing.

Rain Walk by Joel Robison

city pace, city speed, city rush - my favourite underground trains are running through endless tunnels in New York, London and Berlin!

unknown guest

Do not what to make of this! Catholic would say it's demonic! Then again anything that is not as their doctrine is, abomination of desolation! !!


Lost Tracks of Time Steam Engine Cumberland West Virginia - steam train - there's something really awesome about a steam train barreling down the line, smoke stack pouring out pure power in all it's awesomeness... and glory... get the hell off the tracks or get mowed down and left for disaster in it's wake...

Rush hour II by Caras Ionut, via 500px Nice idea and pretty good color matching. The flop of some of the umbrellas is the downfall as the lighting switches sides. Should have taken more photos of different umbrellas for the composite. Still, love it.


Pretty Cool

Rainstorm -The rain came down upon my head - Unsheltered. And the wind rendered me mad and deaf and blind.” Edgar Allen Poe


Steps From Antiquity


Times Square, NYC