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  • Janell Pule

    Robert Downey Jr. I hope this is a true story. Just proves again how awesome he is.

  • Abby Ildefonso

    Such a sweet story about Robert Downey Jr.

  • Nancy Carrillo

    What an amazing story about Robert Downey Jr. Love it!

  • Dorinda Grever

    Robert Downey Jr. and the kindest act I've loved this man forever, was so saddened to watch him struggle with addiction and so happy to see where he is now. I researched this and it's legit. Way to go RDJ and Dana Reinhardt.

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This man deserves a peace prize…

Robert Downey Jr.- I think this man knows exactly how cool he is.

he completely ignores her insinuations. He was just not gonna take it. This, this is why I love him... And, you know, how awesome his Russian is

The only man who can call him "Bob Downey" this is perfect. Can you imagine sitting at a table with BOTH of them?!?

At a press conference, Gwyneth Paltrow responds in French. Poor Robert Downey Jr is left feeling a bit inadequate. Yet another good reason to study French! (as if we needed one!)

haha if this is true, thats awesome. Robert Downey Jr. does whatever he wants. :)

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Perks of being blind… Faith in humanity can be easily restored

The hat... the eyes in the eggs... perfection.

Haha! "Downey Jr... Robert Downey Jr."