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    • Aleia Stein

      Amazing story about a time Robert Downey Jr. showed an amazing random act of kindness.

    • Abby Ildefonso

      Such a sweet story about Robert Downey Jr.

    • Nicholas Reyna

      Dont know if this is a true story but either way, i love this man <3

    • Kate Denise

      This story is amazing not only because it shows RDJ's humanity but because it's a reminder that even great people need affirmations and positive words of encouragement and thankfulness. No one is above it. We often feel stupid going up to people and telling them something we admire about them for fear that it'll be an unwelcome remark. It shouldn't be! Anyone can appreciate kind words and you never know who might need them. Even Robert Downey Junior has bad days

    • Dorinda Grever

      Robert Downey Jr. and the kindest act I've loved this man forever, was so saddened to watch him struggle with addiction and so happy to see where he is now. I researched this and it's legit. Way to go RDJ and Dana Reinhardt.

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