Robert Downey Jr. and the kindest act

I have no words for this. This is truly amazing.

Funny Pictures ? 36 Pics

Marry this man. MARRY HIM.

Just one more reason to like him!

RDJ is adorable. @kaley Gillingwater

I'm Pretty Sure I Prefer Banana-Head Fart Man too...

It's very clear that hawkeye and black widow would team up and murder not only the tributes but all the dinosaurs and then there would be an epic battle between the two of them at the end where they realize they love each other and instead of pulling out poisonous berries they would hunt down and fuck up the gamemaker JUST SAYING

Beautiful human being

I'm awesome

Aww Mr. Rogers.

why? because he can. faith in humanity restored.

Good Guy Zach Galifianakis. Oh Zach we all love you.

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I didn't know where to pin this, I just knew I had to. Incredible. Can't stop looking at it! SO COOL!!

The awesomeness that was Mister Rogers

Worth The Read

this is super amazing♡

Give him his Oscar!!!! I'm gonna scream!!!!