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He is amazing!

He is amazing!

He is amazing!


Really well or ridiculously terrible…

So, he either looks like the handsome CEO of douchebaggery or a husband whose wife burned everything he owned but his hipster clothes. Whatever, he could be wearing a diaper on his head along with a skirt of bananas around his waist and it wouldn't matter because he'd still be Robert Downey Jr. <--- that comment! Jr.

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Just For Fun

Adam Hill BAM! Yeah! I don't know who this guy is, but BE NICE AND STOP BEING A HORRIBLE PERSON just to try to get a laugh.


Recently married man realized marriage is not for him…

Worth Reading: Recently Married Man Realized Marriage Is Not For Him. This Is What Wrote To His New Wife...

#The case for humanity & the lack thereof

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Acts of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

[don't swipe] 11 Acts of Human Kindness That Will Make You Have Faith in the World Again 10 -


I shall live in this planet a little longer…



Pizza place owner deserves a high-five…

This is awesome

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