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Carl Larsson - Martina In Front Of The Fire

Breakfast In Bed by Mary Cassatt

Carl Larsson

Children and their pet rabbits~~antique oil paintings~~ Feeding The Rabbits by German artist Heinrich Hirt (1841-1902)


Michael Malm - Pioneer Children

by Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson's Home, Family and Farm: Swedish Paintings – The Valley Troll

Sandra Kuck

So adorable! I loved playing dress up and playing in my moms lipsticks. Friends playing together as children, and friends staying close together as you get older.

Mother And Child


Carl Larsson, October (The Pumpkins)

Carl Larsson

He loved his babies! Carl Larsson

Richard Eisermann (1853 – 1927, German)

Pictorial Review 1917-06

Carl Larsson Coloring Book - Swedish Books & Gifts Online – The Valley Troll

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