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Naked song writing

Taylor Swift! I'm not the biggest fan of her. I like some of her songs, but other than that I don't like her

☯Stay rad☯


Who sleeps in a bunk naked?? He's crazy.... :)

Five seconds of summer. ♡ (^o^)/

I don't think that's enough pizza

Luke's birthday was a wild one. Naked Calum play chess makes me so 8)

| 5SOS BOYS GETTING NAKED AGAIN ON TWITTER ! | http://www.boybands.co.uk

Luke what are you doing??

Ashton Irwin Calum Hood NAKED - http://oceanup.com/2014/04/24/ashton-irwin-calum-hood-naked/

I can literally hear Luke's pain during the last verse omg it's so sad I cry every time I listen to it ♡

'Disconnected' Calum Hood (I love this song. Best song for me and a friend of mine.)

Here's what I see: I see Luke just getting out of the shower, Calum just taking a dump, and cute little green haired Michael looking for some food to eat! Does anybody else think Luke is wayyyyy too attractive right now??

I want to do my hair like hair...but with maybe a dark brown instead of the bleached blonde and with a blue chunk/stripe as opposed to the pink. Maybe after graduation when my hair is longer :)


yeah, sometimes i don't understand them either!

@ Michael5SOS: Checked my phone and this is what I found

What even