Cal and ash went to the beach

Cal & Ash

Cal and Ash ❤

Are you okay ash?

Cal, you have so much swag it's intimidating.

Rough break cal On a side note, yes Ash I will marry your

love you too cal-pal

Casthon in Germany// can we talk about Ash's arms?! ♥.♥

but I can imagine ash asking for 2 straws just so he could look like a walrus *sigh*

Im a Mashton girl and i love Ash to death but he actually cheated on his gf at the time like two years ago.

Can I just take Ashton home now? Because he's hot and I love his onsie!***yes yes you can

Awee look at these two! <3

Okay so I am new to the 5SOS family but yesterday, I saw that Calum messed up a line. What line was it???<<<< new also.... I feel so lost. i'm so used to knowing almost enerything in the 1D fandom. this is strange. i forgot what it was like

Ashton and other boyfriends...they also don't know we are dating...shh