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Harmonic Numbers Cool & Useful

Understanding the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio #photography http://fractalenlightenment.com/15458/fractals/understanding-the-fibonacci-sequence-and-golden-ratio

The Golden Mean Spiral can wear many hats in its function and relationship to Creation. It is my personal opinion that the Golden Mean Spiral represents the purest form of the feminine aspect of.

Fibonacci - World's most mysterious number, via YouTube.

Fibonacci video- Leonardo of Pisa, the rabbit problem, structure of flowers/plants, Golden Ratio (Phi) in architecture

Sumerian Cyclical Tuning System & 432 - 432octaves

Sumerian Cyclical Tuning System & 432 - 432octaves

Walter Russell's Periodic Table of Elements. Get more Russell at https://walter-russell.zeef.com

Walter Russell - The Nine Octave Harp of the Universe, “In The Waves Lies the Secret of Creation",

Geometry Based on the Natural Harmonic Series

choir insignia - geometry based on the natural harmonic series sacred geometry