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sliding doors to separate dining area?

Luscious: myLusciousLife.comfrom Luscious:


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this style window for sliding doors and kitchen?

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DIY Sliding Barn Door - separate laundry room from main area or office

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arch over sliding doors??? Is this possible for both downstairs sliding doors???

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Sliding door in dining room

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French doors to separate the kitchen from dining space

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Black steel framed windows instead of sliding door. Love this idea for a breakfast area or a master bedroom leading to a patio.




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Sliding doors...

Laura Treveyfrom Laura Trevey

Design : Sliding Barn Doors - Bright Bold and Beautiful Blog

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sliding doors + bathroom

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Sliding shutter doors......

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Outdoor Bath- sliding door replaces window in downstairs bathroom so that bath becomes outdoor

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Love that door! Sliding doors are awesome space savers

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