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So all my dogs.....

Pugs being Pugs and mainly getting away with it Best Funny Pug Vines of 2013 Part 1 Pugs being Pugs and mostly getting away with it

20 Cutest Pug GIFs...OMG! DYING!!!

20 Cutest Pug GIF's

How Sad can you go??? #pug

How Sad can you go??? #pug

Baby puglets are so fragile.

When our CUTE PUPPIES start acting weird; know the many signs & symptoms of dog epilepsy & dog seizures. More Info Here.

is this so bad? lol how I feel sometimes...

How I Spend Friday Nights funny cute animals winter adorable dog friday pug friday quotes

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 27 Pics #beardeddragonfunny

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 27 Pics #beardeddragonfunny

This made me LOL even though I was in Urgent Care waiting to get my hand x-rayed.  It is that cute.

Overly Attached Pug

A very happy pug mother surrounded by her newborn pups. Pugs and puppies, two of my favorite things!

Two words...Pug muzzle. Not to mention be ready to get squirted with anal glands....ugh!

Humphrey the Pug on

This is sooooo TRUE! I thought it was just my pugs who hated having their nails trimmed. It's a Pug thing