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Pissed Off Bernie | Baseball Tee

This political humor design features the text “Pissed Off” with an illustration of Bernie Sanders not happy with establishment politics and inequality in America. Perfect for a Bernie supporter, democrat, liberal, political rallies, political debates, sanders 2016, funny politics, political jokes and feeling pissed off about political corruption!

We March for Womens Rights and Human Rights | Women's Fitted Scoop T-Shirt

t shirt, hoodie, poster, etc,: We March for Womens Rights and Human Rights: Womens March, Washington, protest, Not My President.

Feminism t-shirt with feminist quote for the Women's March on Washington. Women's Rights Are Human Rights. - Navy Protest Shirt

Make America Think Again | Women's Fitted Scoop T-Shirt

Sweatshirt, hoodie, long sleeve t shirt, poster, comes in different colors. - Make America Think Again - Womens March on Washington, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Denver, Portland, etc. Feminism, protest, Not My President, pro-tolerance and acceptance, anti-trump, Inauguration Day January 21 2017. Sign Ideas! Nasty Women March On Washington, DC 2017 Heart Rally T-Shirt: Clothing

If you supported a Racist for POTUS you DO support racism. END OF STORY! If it's ok with you that Trump rallies featured racist chants, tee shirts, hats, pins, signs and balloons YOU ARE a Racist.

Love Not Hate Makes America Great; Womens March Washington | Women's T-Shirt

sweatshirt, poster, t shirt (womens or mens), or hoodie - Love Not Hate Makes America Great. (Million) Womens March on Washington, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Portland, etc. Not My President, anti-Trump, Protest, feminism, pro-tolerance, womens rights, LBGTQ, gay people, etc.

A tactic well known on history, to be used by the power hungry, manipulating those that don't know any better. Oh and the NAZI-Brown Shirts Party used it too ... so it wasn't JUST the liberal democrat party.