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~The Osprey silently circles high above us as we fish, watching for the released fish that flap at the surface. Surprising us with a bull's eye dive within a few feet of our boat, the fish is snatched up with barely a splash. We all watch opened mouth and speechless as the Osprey heads back to the nest with dinner.~

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Osprey, amazing shot! feet first, it looks like it closes its eyes just before impact? This is the 'Seahawk' from what I understand. That there is no actual bird called a 'seahawk'. the coloring on the side of the head is just like on the NFL helmets, a stripe from eye to the back of the head. Love this picture!!

This spectacular video reminds me of kayaking in New Smyrna Beach, Florida - the osprey isn't shy and will dive right in front of you for a fish - what a show!