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[GIF] SHERLOCK S4 E1: The Six Thatchers. Martin Freeman.

Sherlock Cats

i wasnt being witty before ik but ive run out of things i think are witty as well as the rest of humanity who are fully functioning and witty and never thought i was witty before i ran out of anything to say at all like sorry man idk what to say here

A year? HAHAHAHAHA. Imagine how less insane we would be if we got three episodes a year.

Sherlock Holmes, Grammar Police…

Sherlock Holmes, Grammar Police… This is my pet peeve! Remember: hanged = rope around neck suspended until dead (hopefully breaks neck instead of suffocation) Hung = has a large penis. No no no sir you could face death not a penis enlargement for this.

27 Times The Sherlock Fandom Won Tumblr

Idk wth happened, but there have been some Johnlock pins on my board. I DO NOT SHIP Johnlock. There are some funny posts that I do pin, but no shipping here. I'm thinking I should stop leaving my phone behind with people who know the passcode...

Hannah (Sherlock) on

But then I met Jim moriarty. He is not impressed with your threat at gunpoint || he's face was like "yeah these thing again.. not my first time honey" 😞

25 Times Closed Captions Were The Best Part Of TV

Gatiss is a troll, and we must not forget the John is MARRIED with a STILL BORN CHILD

Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman Film "Sherlock"

So, let me get this straight. John is wearing his "dead" best friend's blue scarf, and he's going to be kidnapped and thrown into a bonfire. MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS.>>>>>>>>>pinning for comment