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Untitled by Matatabi And I wanted to feel that you are raised Preface forced to while small in subtle result. Well it every time I'm every time, it is this mon because this does not think at all or trying to portray. Draw the time being outline, draw a somehow eyes, and draw somehow body, you hesitate to whether trying to reduce the breast.

Final Fantasy X is one of my favorite storyline games :) of course I love all the Final fantasy games and own them all as well!

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Best Of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art: The Chesley Award Finalists!

Tor Books has revealed the official cover art for A Memory of Light, the fourteenth and final Wheel of Time novel. Click the image shown here for a larger version, or click here for the full resolution version where you can see Rand in all his...

Exotic Encounters: Manticores hese creatures of ancient persian mythology have been portrayed many different ways throughout the centuries. Though they always bear the body of a lion, and usually the face of a man, details like wings, tails, and horns have varied wildly. The regal manticore, introduced in this book, takes the more majestic, non-winged form favored in the middle ages (though it is no less monstrous for doing so). The razor manticore, by contrast, bristles with natural…

Well done!!! Submission - Fantasy Future Map: Glasgow Integrated Rail by Angus DoyleSubmitted by Angus, who says:I’ve been working on this map of an integrated rail network for Greater Glasgow of the (imagined) near future for quite some time and now that it’s finally finished I’d love to know what you make of it. Shortly after beginning the project I found your blog and I’ve been regularly trawling through it for inspiration and tips