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Just attach it on to the smartphone, simply connect it via NFC/Wi-Fi connection and turn your smartphone into a DSLR like camera. Shoot the images with 10x zoom and directly view & edit them on your smartphone, so no hassle to instantaneously share or publish and don’t need any laptop or tablet to move them. It’s very compatible to use with Android and iOS smartphones. - Price $198.00

R2-D2 ring from J.A.P. Studio


Pikachu and Totoro cosplay @Summer Olsen Olsen Huffstutler @Rebekah Ahn Ahn McElroy I see the two of you in this.




HAHAHA R2-D2 likes to cosplay, too #starwars #minon

lego tree house

Chuck versus the first bank of evil, chuck and Sarah rob a bank, oh romantic moments with the bartowskis!

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Fletcher would love this!! Turn an old cabinet into a private kitty playhouse (especially for families with dogs for private area). Cover in carpet and place sleeping and jumping areas. - this kind of looks like a tardis to me...

TARDIS jukebox

R2-D2-Inspired Hot Water Bottle Cover | Spoonful

"I think Moffat is trying to send a subtle message..."

MOFFAT! *shakes fist*

Moffat just had to make things weird!

doctor who

Moffat gave us closure. Thank you

It's funny because it's true.

hahahaha so true

Amazing LEGO Creations


Always Moffat.

So true