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Best Beard Men - Board at Pinterest: search for pinner "Jochen Wojtas"

ok I don't know if this is just a really stylish guy or a fashion blogger or if he's a model but holy fucking shit.... I see him all over pinterest. Then I need a napkin to wipe of my chair.

I just love him. He's so well dressed and he looks like he would have a lot of cool stories to tell.

tumblr mzb7cg1ON91qkegsbo1 500 Random Inspiration 118 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

People. Faces. Guys. Men. Confidence. Style. Cool. Classic. Leather. Textures. Layers. Indie. Dapper. Rugged. Beards. Hair. Skin. Beauty. Man Buns. Tees. Suit + Tie. Artistic. Tattoos. Piercings. Body. Features. Athletes. Selfies. Denim. Clean Cut. Distinguished. Tattoos. Jawlines. Eyes. Strong.

Beards are so overrated except for when they're on this man

Classic Beard. (Beards, Bearded, Men.)I really like your Beard and everything else about you Mr.

mayklourenco: Samuel Ostrout

I'm pinning this because the visible tattoo's are hot, he's hot, his beard is hot, and I want everyone else to imagine him naked with me.