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Crop the 1975 Shirt the1975 Shirt the 1975 Tshirt Women's Clothing... (17 CAD) ❤ liked on Polyvore

Crop the 1975 Shirt Shirt the 1975 Tshirt Women's Clothing.

ive never been so mad in my life (maybe i have but whatever) the 1975 concert nearby my area just sold out and im so frustrated and mad and i regret not buying the tickets earlier and omg idk what to do because whenever i see the 1975 or listen to them i just think about the concert and omg ughhhghhhgghhhhhhhh i hate this

The 1975 matty Healy 😍

Matty Healy, from the 1975. At first I was like what the heck his hair?? And now I'm like ohh his hairrrr :)

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the 1975- absolutely love their music. (oh yeah i definitely only listen to one direction)

the 1975 absolutely love their music

the sound // the 1975 || obsessed with this song right now.

the sound - the 1975 [creds >>> pls keep creds if you choose to pin this. requested by editer.

The 1975: Neon Signs on Behance - created via

The 1975 neon signs💞🖤

The 1975 - Chocolate. To me, this song is perfect: seductively slurred words in an English accent; playing with the idea of sense memory in relationships; cool cars and cute boys in crisp black and white.  Can't get enough.

The 1975 - Chocolate (+playlist)

the 1975- Matthew Healy...really not liking the hair though                                                                                                                                                      More

Loving the hair matty

The 1975                                                                                                                                                      Más

the 1975 wallpaper

the 1975, robbers. now this is a music video. A little sketchy, but truly has a lot of worth.

the 1975 Stills from Robbers

Resultado de imagen para loving someone the 1975 tumblr

The 1975 - Loving Someone

the 1975...generally not the type of music i typically listen to, but i am really digging them right now.

Matty Healy, play "Woman" for me.

love me - the 1975                                                 - @abigaileliz13 -

the 1975 - love me

Does anybody else think this song is a conversation between Matty and his father? Look @ the makes sense

Eaglehawk Neck (Tasmania, Australia) Many of my family lived on Bruny Island. Everywhere you look in Tasmania there is a "view" just awesome.

i'm jayde and the 1975 are alright