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    Kids deserve better than this...

    Pay Attention


    Yes, Tom Petty, yes.

    Archbishop spends money on mansion instead of poor.

    Nine Fish With "Hands" Found to Be New Species ~ Evolution! The scientific theory that just keeps giving. :)

    Wanna borrow it so you can go fuck yourself?

    People need to understand the basics of evolution if they are going to reject it—otherwise, they are not contributing anything productive to modern society.” ― Greg Graffin, Anarchy Evolution

    I don't believe in any religions, but I'm not so quick to write off prayers.

    The American bible belt… - Gotta admit, this is fricken funny as

    Way past time for the mentally ill to be treated specially just by claiming their mental illness is 'religion.' - Mentally ill is right! This guy is most likely a borderline paranoid schizophrenic if he would throw reason out the window and resort to child rape and murder because of a voice in his head who he believes is god is commanding him...geez

    ~~Elizabeth Cady Stanton


    cannot. stop. laughing.

    Mass. Christian college facing review after requesting right to discriminate against gays


    Doug Stanhope on National Day of Prayer and war.

    Cognitive dissonance

    Xtian philosophy?

    Worst Muslim from Kenya, EVER!!! Bwaaahahahahaha!!!!

    Conservative logic

    This cracks me up every time...LOL

    Even young children can be taught to reason and to be reasonable, but some of these people... they boggle my mind with their sheer simple-mindedness and their inability to grasp even the fundamentals of the workings of this universe.

    4 different versions of the "truth"