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Girls are better

Lol so true girls are awesome !


ahahahaha :D so funny

This is funny, but if one of my friends did that to my iPad...woo they're dead

Is it weird that I think of homestuck when I see this (Hint: Jake, Dave and apple juice)

This is great

Funny text - I got suspended from school - Jokes, Memes & Pictures the best thing ever!

sooooo true

Once Me, Eryn, Sarah, Lexie, and eather were climbing a tree and heather jumped off and grabbed onto a branch. We ran inside and told rachel heather jumped out of a tree and broke something-the branch.


The 34 Funniest Texts Parents Have Ever Sent To Their Kids. I Still Haven't Stopped Laughing!

this is a challenge for both of you

Lissa:)Any advice for being single on valentines day?

this is definitely something me and my bestfriend would do :)

bahahahahahahaha not really a quote but so made me laugh & think of my best friend! What was even more funny cuz my best friend's name is laura lol

Wait-You-Think-I-am-G@y.jpg (400×507)

Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

Dora Help

Epic Drunk Text Fails - Likes


Don't tell me u thought it was nerf gun battle the entire time u were reading this

I would be proud of my child if they did this

I would be proud of my child if they did this

Aka "leaving your teacher a subtle hint to chill out with the homework" :D

omg, thats adorable, and... totally unrealistic in my life

Trent is sooo hot! I have such a huge crush on him!Maybe you should just ask him out. He doesn& even like me like thatOh I& sure he& say yes.Maria, look who you are texting. Friday at 8 okay?

Jason Bourne time

Haha this is me and my dads relationship

Funny pictures about Troll Boyfriend. Oh, and cool pics about Troll Boyfriend. Also, Troll Boyfriend.