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Come together? Who is he kidding? I can only assume that he means" right thinking" WASP supporters are the only ones he wants to bring together. He says a lot of things but his actions speak louder than anything he can say. We must resist this madness, peacefully and within the rule of law, using the tools and avenues built into the American system of government.

Now libtards know what the first two days of the last eight years feels like under obastard, but we never acted like this! LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE!!

This is the future. What we're witnessing are the death throes of the dinosaurs. But rest assured, they are dying out.

Here's a handy fyi for Trump supporters. The election results are still unofficial. The electoral college has not voted. It's not over yet.

Everytime we sit at that table we are being Thankful for a genocide... Stop the madness, it's time to start a new tradition...

well then if we are going to have a recount, then let's have a full-blown investigation! Let us check every single state for voter fraud. Let us check for dead people voting, let's check for people voting under multiple names, let's check for illegals voting, etc. Let's see just how big of a landslide Trump won by!! In BOTH the Electoral and the popular vote. Yes... let's.

Put on your 'BIG BOY/GIRL PANTIES' and get over it! The majority of people have spoken and you protesters are outnumbered! If you want people to listen, then start acting like civil human beings with decency and peaceful protests!

People will show you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be | Inspirational Quotes