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Sims’ logic

Funny pictures about Sims' logic. Oh, and cool pics about Sims' logic. Also, Sims' logic photos.

…when you COULD spend all that time actually walking to the fridge, eating last week's leftovers, and cleaning the dishes. You might even have a couple minutes to get married!

The 50 Best Examples of The Sims Meme

i see sims do this ALL the time when they are hungry and then u make them make food they stop in the middle of making it to faint or to wave at the sky again

Sims Logic

15 Ways The Sims Are Just Like You

Because You can escape prison using a tomato. Or better yet An apple seed Which I happened to have in my pocket one time cause my chick did something or another to get sent to prison


Master chef in sims, burn popcorn in real life. So true. Happened the other day :P

MOTHERLODE!! Show me the simelones. On the playstation, I forgot what buttons you press. You can activate the blue gnome and all you have to do is save him to your inventory, bring him out sometimes and collect 100,000 every time.

Just Sim Things

Funny pictures about Just Sim Things. Oh, and cool pics about Just Sim Things. Also, Just Sim Things photos.


Sims - have 3 cars, 2 books, 1 stroller, and 12 apples in your pocket

Got to love University though. ha ha

The 50 Best Examples of The Sims Meme

If there's one thing to be learned from The Sims, it's that the floor is basically one big desk. But once something is on the floor, it is impossible to get where you're going.

Sims Logic. Been there, done that.

Sell the window." Ahahahahahahahahaha this cracked me up so much. Or use a cheat code so that you're rich and can spend 15 hours building your dream house.