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Adam Levine Lifesize Cutout

Adam Levine

Easy way to make hanging flower balls. Whiffle balls from dollar store, dollar store fake flowers, pull the stems off the flower, hot glue around the circle in the whiffle ball, press flower into the hole, keep going until the ball is full of flowers, then hang with a ribbon.

Mason jars and Epsom salt . Gorgeous for winter decoration.

"WOW" factor! Take a round table and cover it with a cloth, take 5 or 6 short glasses (I used votive holders) and place them around the table upside down (these are the lifts that support your glass top). Place strands of "icicle" lights, then place the round glass on top.

Wrap tulle around balloons. I am not usually a huge balloon fan for decor, but I could get onboard with this idea.


Adam Levine

Kevin Rudd Cardboard Cutout http://www.lifesizestandups.com.au/kevin-rudd-cardboard-cutout-905.html

Adam Levine- Use this pic for "Pin the guitar on Adam"?

: adam levine

Olly Murs Cardboard Cutout 570 - Music - Celebrity Cutouts

Maybe I could use this for prom deco

Kate, William & George cardboard cutout

Blink 182 Group Cardboard Cutout

Sandra @ ribbonsandfavors.com Inspiration photo (no credit available) Nice mix of balloons and tissue paper flowers. balloons and tissue paper flowers.

Harry Styles Cardboard Cutout - New Itemhttps://www.lifesizestandups.com.au/celebrity-lifesize-cutouts/music-cardboard-cutouts/harry-styles-in-blue-jacket-cardboard-cutout.html

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Taylor Swift Cardboard Cutout


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