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Evelyn de Morgan - Cadmus and Harmonia

The “Wedding of Cadmus and Harmonia" is considered as a conceptual symbolic coupling of Eastern (Phoenician) learning with Western (...

Park Avenue Collection 13.5X21 Cadmus And Harmonia 1877

The visual retelling of a storyline in Ovid's Metamorphosis, Cadmus was turned into a serpent by an angry Zeus, leaving his lover Harmonia to find balance amids

Basil Street Gallery Cadmus and Harmonia, 1877 Framed Art

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modern mythology aesthetics: harmonia and cadmus

Cadmus And Harmonia tattoo on forearm.

Greek Mythology: Harmonia was the goddess of harmony and concord. As a daughter of Aphrodite, she presided over marital harmony, soothing strife and discord; as a daughter of Ares, she represented harmonious action in war. Late Greek and Roman writers sometimes portrayed her as harmony in the more abstract sense : a deity presiding over the cosmic harmony. Harmonia was born of Aphrodite's adulterous affair with the god Ares. She was awarded to Kadmos, the hero founder of Thebes, in a...

Illyria mytology | Cadmus and Harmonia 1 turn into serpents. 2635: Cadmus and Harmonia 1 ...

creativity and healing: Cadmus and Harmonia, Erichthonius Francesco Zuccarelli A Landscape with the Story of Cadmus Killing the Dragon.