• Suzanne H

    Grow square watermelons in your garden. There are only a few things required to grow your watermelon: 1. Watermelon seeds (Try Sugar Baby variety) 2. A square container 3. Plenty of sunshine and water 4. Grow Watermelons from seed: Plant your watermelon seeds outdoors 2-3 weeks after the last frost. Ideally, the ground should be 65 degrees. Seeds should be planted about one inch deep in soil. Sow 2-3 seeds per hole. That's interesting...

  • Ronald Chase

    this is just weird. #SquareWatermelon

  • Zoe Mills

    Must try this -- If you put a growing #watermelon in a square container, it will grow into a square shape! I've heard this works with pumpkins too! #square watermelons #gardening tips

  • Lacie Turner-Estrada

    Square Watermelon - Try Sugar Baby variety; once your watermelons begin to grow from the vine, place melon in a square container, do not place the container over the watermelon, place the watermelon in the box, it needs to breath

  • Kristy Spencer

    Square Watermelon, Japanese farmers save refrigerator space by growing watermelon in square boxes. Why don't we do this in the US of A?

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