Baby sign language!

Just a quick stop to share with you this wonderful food stages infographic. We love to see how babies begin to sign food items based on their preferences.

Organization- these are going on my Ikea list! ... especially good for socks or itsy bitsy baby things.

Baby Sign Language

Sign language for babies - the first 8 signs to teach your baby!

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Your Baby's Signs of Hunger

development over the first year.

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Baby Signs - baby sign language is a tremendous help for curbing baby frustrations!

Sign with Baby

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Iteresting . . . "this method is how the rest of the world introduces food to children (and how Western culture did as well before Gerber made us think we needed special baby food)"

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Baby milestones

Dr. Martens Crib Bootie (Baby) available at #Nordstrom. Stellan must have. In oxblood. He shall match Mommy.

Baby Sign Language: 21 Easy-to-Learn Words and Phrases