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I looooooove this look that Eric is giving Bill. This sums up how I feel about everything Mr. Compton right now.

Bill, Sookie, Eric


Bill Vs Eric

Bill Comton and Eric Northman

Eric! Get your hands of Sookie! She belongs to Bill!

sorry Bill

Eric is back!!!

Eric & Pam!

Eric Northman Versus Bill Compton

Bill Compton

True Blood: Eric, Sookie, and Bill

"Thank you, by the way." No Eric, THANK YOU!

The moment you knew Bill and Eric would NOT be working together!

"Those were great pumps" Eric to Pam.....with an Eric grin!

yes Eric

Eric Northman, the Viking Vampire!

Oh hey, Eric.

Eric and Pam

Eric Northman what you do to me

Eric Northman-I laughed so hard when he said this.