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By becoming content curators, teachers understand how to make sense out of the overload of information they are constantly exposed to. In...

Listly est un outil collaboratif qui permet de créer très facilement en ligne une ou plusieurs listes interactives et collaboratives. Listly facilite la création et le partage d’une liste de choses, médias, objets, ressources...

Pearltrees is a website and app where users can collaborate and visually share their interests. Those who use Pearltrees can organize web pages, files, photos, notes, and much more and when done can share them easily with others. This easy to use site makes digital curation a breeze. Looking for a site to gather multiple tools for a grade level, subject, topic, or standard of learning.

An education blogging platform for free.Manage a posted digital portfolio and enhance e-learning everywhere.

Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas