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Can you legally own a zebra? Hobby farm pet? Yes, please.

phototoartguy: From Reddit “Black and White Camouflage by Andre Gallant”

✯ Pair of zebras seen on Hearst Ranch along Hwy 1, CA Central Coast.:: By Cheryl Strahl ✯

beautiful shot of this stunner. looks like he just got home from the hair dresser.

Grevy's Zebra is confined to Ethiopia & Kenya. This Endangered zebra has undergone one of the most substantial range reductions of any African mammal. It is estimated to have declined by more than 50% over the past 18 years. Current population is approximately 750 adult animals. Main reasons for decline are reduction of available water sources,habitat degradation due to overgrazing by domestic livestock, which are also out-competing Grevy's Zebra for access to food, hunting & disease.

500px / Photo "grazzing" by David Hobcote

Black and white, part of a zebra Nærbilde av sebra. Curated for you by

Dalmation. I remember her obsession with dalmations. She had two and Great Dane that looked like one. LWB