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Our new Hailey Blue Diamond dress is gorgeous I love the way my sister @skirtedfancy styled it. These beauties go up to an XL. (High neckline like our Hailey stripe) Check them out, link in bio

#bethanymenzel wearing our comfortable, chic and sporty {Jetsetter Pants} - dress these up or wear them around the house! no matter what you're doing or where you are, you'll love these pants! | @albionfit

Try STITCH FIX the best clothing subscription box ever! October 2016 review. Fall outfit Inspiration photos for stitch fix. Only $20! Sign up now! Just click the pic...You can use these pins to help your stylist better understand your personal sense of style. #StitchFix #Sponsored


Halloween greeting.

*"What's up?" monster greets me with a nod of its four heads. "'Sup," I say. We both stop to look at each other. "Good night, ain't it?"It says. "I guess...if you're into that sort of thing." "Who doesn't love some trick or treaters?" I snort and shake my head. "People. People don't like people," I say. "'Nways, I like your heads." "Family trait." "Neat. Guess they can't tell the four eyes joke to you." The monster erupted in laughter and I started to walk away with a grin.

((Open Rp)) KiKi was sick so I took her place in the big photo shoot, which was held next door. You walk in curiously and I am shocked. I fall backwards. How was my sister used to this!? You help me up and take me to my hotel room. "Wha-what?"

BOO! i dressed up as lizzza from vine for halloween! back from the dead! whoops, too soon. | dude, this little app is where it all started. with just six seconds. six seconds to be an idiot, to be a voice, to be accepted, to be just me. so i could be me everywhere else. thank you for the memories, the friends, my best friend, my boyfriend... who are the same people, the love, the chance, the success, and the start. sad to see the end, but i loved everything in between. thank you.