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Hi, our names are Hayley, Makenna and Oda! I'm canadian, so is Makenna and Oda is Norwegian. This is my blog dedicated to 5 beautiful boys! ! My friends Husneya, Kayla and Gena also sometimes post on...

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN<<< OMG I KNOW I JUST CAN'T RIGHT NOW.<<he's got a Cross necklace and a North Star!! And one time in the TV special, they were praying!!!

Look how freaking beautiful he is. I never knew someone can be so flawless, so beautifuly breathtaking in my life until now. You know along with the rest of the band.

Ok so I got a text for a number and I opens it and it said 'U need to stop'...... Umm idk how they got my number and I'm freaking out!! Help me!! Idk if I should text back or not!!! Ahh! HELP!! Xx. ~Marion

DON'T LOOK INTO HIS EYES IT'S A TRAP!!!<<oops, I got stuck. You know, sometimes I think Pinterest should put the descriptions above the pictures so when people put warnings (like this) in the description, we'll see the warning before the picture.

Harry Styles has teased his fans by making another joke about his sexuality. The One Direction star commented "Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it" when it was suggested his bandmate Niall Horan's next partner should be a man.

I seriously think my mom is a secret fangirl she made sure i knew about that picture of Harry and Kendall Jenner and Im like yea I know already but I dont take that stuff seriously but yea I dont know if I should be proud or scared of my mom hmm lol