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The Mysterious Stone Horseman. The Madara Rider sits 246 feet above ground, on a cliff face in the Madara Plateau of northeastern Bulgaria. The relief is inaccessible, adding to its mystery. How were they able to create it?

Beneath Machu, lies a huge cave “enlarged and shaped artificially to precise geometric forms, masonry of white granite ashlars. This is the cave from which the Anunnaki sent the first Inca king to found Cuzco, 75 miles southeast of Machu. [Childress, 2012:319 -343; Lost Realms 140 - 154]

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Blythe Intaglios

Blythe Intaglios One of many ancient geoglyphs along the Lower Colorado River Valley. This one is located 15 miles northeast of Blythe, CA. This is the largest of the group measuring 176' in length.

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Is Gobekli Tepe Where Civilization Began?

Gobekli Tepe stone bags and the Sumerian connection. One of the oldest archeological sites on earth

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A monster of a find: Couple walking their dogs discover 30ft carcass of sea creature rotting on beach

An unusual-looking, deep-water creature with a large, rubbery head and enormous mouth that can open 4ft wide, the Megamouth is unlike any other shark previously seen.

The Lady of Mali (Guinea), is a masterpiece of nature, at 1500 m altitude on Mount Lour. It is the image of a remarkable beautiful woman’s figure carved into the rock by wind erosion during ages, and visible at great distance in its full shape. The "Lady of Mali" is located on a high rock wall over a abyss. The head is about 25 meters high, while the entire sculpture is about 150 meters high.

from NY Daily News

Bulgaria claims to find Europe's 'oldest town'

Bulgarian archaeologist claims to find Europe's 'oldest town' Vasil Nikolov says the stone walls excavated by his team are estimated to date between 4,700 and 4,200 B.C. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2012

The Galgano Sword in the Stone inside the Montesiepi Chapel by Adrian Michael. This is the actual sword in stone, now kept under glass and lock and key. The sword has been verified as an authentic 12th century sword. Galgano was beatified four years after his death.