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  • Faye Guinn

    rocket+mass+heater | Rocket Stove Mass Heaters- A love letter

  • ryan baillie

    Any body here ever use or build a ROCKET MASS HEATER or ROCKET STOVE? From what I am readingthey seem to beareal fire wood saver. Fire it and heat the mass up and it lets off heat for several hours.If there are any users out there with feedback on these type heaters, that would be a great help. I was thinking that the mass heater would be good in a greenhouse for winter growing. Do not have a greenhouse yet but I am kicking around the idea of one

  • Wes White

    mass rocket heater | Earthineer blog: ROCKET MASS HEATER

  • Lloyd Jessee

    Rocket Mass Stove

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rocket mass heater - love this style, I would probably add a couch off to the side so I could warm my feet too

An insulated Rocket Stove heats up this bench and the wall behind it with very little material

DIY rocket stove! "Rocket stove technology can heat a home with 90% less wood than a conventional wood stove. So little, that many homes are heated with nothing but tree trimmings that come out of a small yard."

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Started in April 2010, we wanted to heat the floor of our yurt with this innovative stove. We used the book Mass Rocket Heaters by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson as our starting point. They recommend that first timers DO NOT attempt to build a floor heater, but that's what we did. We are happy to report that it is working swimmingly. A fire for 4-6 hours keeps the temperature of the yurt above 70 degrees for more than 12 hours, with 40 degree temps outside. With temperatures in ...

rocket heater produces whole house heating when the exhaust tube is run under the container's foundation and insulated by straw bale...collapsing after a day's work by fishermansdaughter, via Flickr

Rocket Mass Heater : rocket mass heaters are the cleanest and most sustainable way to heat a conventional home