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REPORT ANIMAL ABUSE! Call your local police, animal control or humane society - it only takes a minute and can save lives of those who are suffering!!!!!

On August 11th, we learned that a neighbor witnessed a puppy being tossed over a high fence. The puppy was rescued by Dogs Rock NYC and named Caleb. They found out that he suffered head trauma, was covered in cigarette burns, emaciated, and sexually abused. The amazing team of doctors provided around-the-clock...

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Such a cute picture :) OM this is way to cuteeeeeee not to pin☺️

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Keep Your German Shepherd In Great Shape

There is an unspoken rule that when your dog is sleeping on you, you don't move!

The breeder responsible for letting a young puppy suffer from dehydration, malnourishment, skin infections and maggot-infested sores has been charged with animal cruelty. Praise this decision and urge authorities to ensure all cases of animal abuse are severely punished by law.

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35 Sleeping Puppies Who Physically Can't Handle Their Own Cuteness

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How to Stop Vomiting in Dogs

Like humans, it is not uncommon for dogs to vomit from time to time. However, as dogs are dependent on their owners and can’t say anything, handling such situations is not always easy. When dogs vomit, their abdominal muscles contract very strongly several times before the food is actually ejected from the mouth. This completely …

Izzy - located at Clay County Animal Shelter in Henrietta, Texas - 3 year old Female Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix - CAME IN AS A 9 MONTH OLD PUPPY - Her owner suffered a serious injury and could not work or take care of her, so she came to the shelter. She would make great pal in any household. She would thrive with some attention and training. She is great with kids and very loving! PLEASE ADOPT FOSTER OR SHARE

Missing mummy TIFFO: I hope you are enjoying your vacation mum... here we are suffering your absence... grandma put us all on diet! We miss your breakfast ! Follow Tiffo on Instagram @tiffoco

URGENT: "Peanut" was a beautiful, healthy, happy puppy 3 months ago. Broward, FL ACC allowed a deranged person to adopt this innocent animal, who in turn abused him so severely, the dog died on 7/15/14, subcumbing to numerous atrocities against its little young body. This dog suffered horribly. Send a message to all animal abusers...MAXIMUM JAIL SENTENCES and to the Shelters and Municipalities....DO YOUR JOBS! Words just fail me. Please SIGN and share petition!

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Amazing DIY Home Remedies for Pets

If your pet suffers anxiety during a thunderstorm, it likely isn't because of the flashes of light or the sound, but a buildup of static electricity in his coat. Rub a dryer sheet on the coat to remove the static electricity.


Keep Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

The essential guide to preventing your dog from suffering in the summer heat.