Cute diy baby boy gift.

Bow Tie Bibs,so cute

Close interior doors silently Ingenious, practical, colorful and very, very useful: the Latchy Catchy are small accessories for doors that help to prevent undesirable noises and slamming doors that can wake the baby. They are adjustable, economical and a good gift for expectant moms.

tie bib- what a cute baby gift idea!

Pacifier / Binkie Bibs ~ I have got to make some of these. Or if someone wants to make me some and send them to me I am cool with that. I prefer snaps! :o) so much easier then the paci clip!

how to dress your baby like Daniel :)

Get Your Stitch On!: Baby boy sewing!!!!! Little man tie onsies!!! Perfect for church!I love these!

Mason needs these!!!

great baby gift!

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

Nordstrom Silk Bow Tie (Boys) available at #Nordstrom

Baby boy bibs...possible DIY @Kiwanier McCalope

Sew She Sews bib tutorial.

The nannacompany bib pattern that she uses for all her other bibs!!! YAY!!!!!!!

DIY baby BOY bib!

DIY Baby Shower Gift - monthly onesies!

Add flair to onesies (Several girl tutorials and a baby boy tie one)

Little Man Bibs just for little boy babies - I want a little boy, just so I can put him in this! :)

Little tutorial and pattern for a a cute little bib. A great way to use scraps of fabric.

Baby Bandana Bibs

Baby Boy Carhartt Blue Jean Denim Bib.