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Pikaland | The Illustrated Life!

Lion ceramic by Jen Collins

Gems: Ceramics + Pottery + the such

Hybrid animal-human ceramic sculptures mean to make us take not of the role we play in each other's worlds

Bull,-Sophie Woodrow


Nora Naranjo-Morse

It must be dangerous to have your head just rolling about in your torso. Poor little guy. (by Mathieu Cordreaux)

ceramic hand beads

Ceramics at their best

drawings of cute animals | Cute Stuffed Animal Design . by ~Yusura on deviantART

Ceramic house


Ceramic and glass


Makoto Kagoshima

Bird plates, ceramic

Ceramic works by Sarah Saunders #ceramic #sculpture #art

gift idea - Ceramic Fox Planter - Fox Decor Housewares - Ceramics and Pottery - WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY