Eduardo Recife

Eduardo Recife Misprinted Type drawing illustrator illustration collage

oakandbindi: finelittleday

Diamond Sea - Julien Pacaud • Illustration • Perpendicular Dreams

Eduardo Recife

Again, The Decemberists are hard to beat. Carson Ellis is a fantastic Illustrator. She illustrated Colin's book for children (10+ for mild violence) WILDWOOD.

Rodin Hands

MISPRINTED TYP E   COMMERCIAL WORKS   (2002-2006) Eduardo Recife

collage by virginia whipple

I was thinking of something like this, but with Marumiyan's head and having all the things that inspire his work coming out of his head

phillipa leith

⇢|| it's rain tree 1969 ⇢||"156-365"

xochi_solis1.jpg (584×4367)

Eduardo Recife- Bright Side

rex ray | Neurobaria. Mixed media, collage on linen

Love this! Gasping for Air. Collage by Eugenia Loli

Amigo del Viento Art Print by Collage Al Infinito By Trasvorder - $20.80

hifas: Untitled by Robert Carande

Vibration .... Adam Fuss, Ark, 2005

Mixed media by Clark Goolsby