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Flowers from news paper



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How To Make Felt Flowers: wreaths, picture frames...

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Creative Gift Wrapping Diy

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sweet book page butterfly canvas

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Adorable Gift bags made from newspaper

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Paper Flowers, Book Pages??!!! What??? NO!!! limb branch tree diy create shabby chic paper rolling

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Set of four critter cards made from pages of an old dictionary.

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How to make sliding knots for jewelry.

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DIY Rose of Coffee Filter flowers

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Authentique Paper: A Joyous Tree, #Christmas tree from various paper flowers on a foam triangle



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watercolor on book pages

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DIY Christmas Ornaments - just get some cheap plastic ball ornaments, newspaper and old books, modge podge and some glitter!!

Craftionaryfrom Craftionary

30 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas/ Holidays

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30 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas/ Holidays. Use to embellish gift wrap or bag or stake into flower pot. Also makes a cute craft for kids (holiday activity).

October Afternoon

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Kim Watson+ Pretty boxes+OA


It’s a wrap: Gorgeous gift wrapping ideas from Pinterest that are anything but ho-hum

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Winter Decorations #diy I can't imagine who wouldn't want to receive a gift wrapped and decorated like this!




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Clever! Turn an old stool into a craft room organizer. Screw rolling coasters into the top of stool. Turn upside down. Tie canvas bags onto the outside legs and fill the inside with Christmas paper rolls or whatever you have.

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flowers out of paper

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flower oragami

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flower oragami

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gift wrapping - The White Bench: Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas and How-To.#giftwrapping #emballagecadeau

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Sjarmerende Jul

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Paper roses