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Frank Auerbach (1937) was a German born figurative painter, who focuses on portraits and city scenes in and around the area of London. His paintings deal with the attempt to resolve the experience of being in the world in paint. In this the experience of the world is seen as essentially chaotic with the role of the artist being to impose an order upon that chaos and record that order in the painting. He came to England under the Kindertransport scheme at age of 7.

The Portrait Party: frank auerbach & lucien freud

It’s in this period that Freud’s brushstrokes become increasingly forceful, and the volume of paint on the canvas increases, so that it seems to almost shape the contours of skin or hair . In the portrait of the artist Frank Auerbach, his powerful forehead dominates the canvas. The two men had been friends since the mid-1950s, were great admirers of each other’s work and saw each other frequently. It was at the time he made this portrait that Freud began to use Cremnitz white, a dry lead-based p

Portrait of Frank Auerbach by Lucian Freud www.artexperience...

Portraits: Frank Auerbach for The Times of London [img src: Erik Madigan Heck -]

Frank Auerbach ~ Head of Catherine Lampert VI, 1980

blastedheath: Frank Auerbach (British, b. 1931), Head of Leon Kossoff, 1956. Charcoal and chalk on paper, 76 x 56 cm.

Frank Auerbach I feel this way sometimes.