• Jpe♡

    Be mindful of stereotypes, only one of these people is a convicted felon, and it’s not Snoop Dogg, it’s Martha Stewart! Typically if we were not to know the background of this story we would tend to think the convicted felon is Snoop Dogg. How typical of us to judge a book by it’s cover. This is a prime example of society playing into stereotypes. http://999ktdy.com/be-mindful-of-stereotypes/

  • April Turman

    Haha! True story! I <3 u Snoop!

  • Katie Eden

    So true!!!! Don't judge

  • Nikki Brittain

    Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart #MarthaStewart #SnoopDogg

  • Chris Hunter

    A convicted felon cooks with a famous celebrity Click for more Funny Pictures --> http://www.funnypicshub.com

  • Shirley @look at my cute stuff

    Funny stuff... I love Martha stewart!!

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