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  • Carol Mayl

    This looks like a fun idea!!

  • Paul Redfern

    Play Pizza Roulette! Great idea by Hell Pizza and Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland.

  • Daniel Roberts

    Brilliant idea bought to a simple takeaway pizza

  • That Guy

    Hell Pizza Roulette - one slice has super hot pepper sauce on it. My brother-in-law and I dared each other, that whoever gets it, had to eat the piece. I can eat almost any hot food, so was hoping he'd get it, but he got lucky. :P Was so hot, I had to skim milk! (I hate milk)

  • Flávio Macedo

    Pizza Roullete - Hell Pizza, a pizza franchise from New Zealand will put the hottest chilli know to mankind on one slice of pizza. It doesn't cost but someone pays.

  • Cambro Manufacturing

    Clever ad campaign - pizza roulette

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