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No one is as ugly as their drivers license picture, or as good-looking as their Facebook profile picture.

Here's a list of people on Facebook who want to see the dozens of pictures you took of yourself with your cell phone.

I've seen some exploiting of children for attention by one too many mothers on Facebook. I'm not talking graduation day photos and the like. I'm talking riding kid coat tails to make yourself feel better about yourself type of Toddlers in Tiaras

Facebook Humor | I'm calling to remind you in real life that your Facebook posts aren't fooling anyone.


Mostly all nights…

Cant sleep - OMG!!! My life story! My fellow insomniacs...tell me you relate! so true lol

True story. My friends know not to ever call/text me after 12am unless it's an emergency.. I would break up with a boyfriend for doing this, no joke! I like sleep. :)<<<<<<< lol

Seriously though. I can't stand when I'm the only person who puts effort in to texting someone and seeing how they are.