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  • Erika Miller

    Amazing Cloud Formation...

  • Nancy Linder

    rain clouds. AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL!

  • Patricia Becker

    amazing clouds. looks like icecream.

  • Tiffany Clark

    Amazing Clouds... wonder if this is ice cream LOL

  • Julie Richter

    Pinterest Hoax: "Amazing Clouds" [[Actually ice/snow photography by Shirley Haden via Pbase. More here: , and ]

  • Tracie Dickson

    Clouds - Wow! Mother Nature at her finest.

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Imminent Stormageddon, Minnesota, I have seen these kind of clouds in person, awesome!

ethereal Photo by Matt Claghorn...found here....

oh, my! Look at the lightning at the bottom!

Amazing Clouds---an extraordinary example of mammatus clouds lit from above.

Same cloud formation, different angle. crd to Ryan McGinnis

Cat Crossing by dennisr300 on Flickr.

Reclusive by Phil~Koch, via Flickr

Mammatus clouds are an intriguing enigma of atmospheric fluid dynamics cloud physics. They’re most commonly observed beneath anvil-shaped thunderclouds. They are formed when ice crystals fall from the cumulonimbus cloud’s anvil. “The ice crystals sublimate, or change from ice to water vapour as they fall, causing the surrounding air to thermodynamically cool. The cooled air becomes negatively buoyant and begins to sink, producing the punched-out look indicative of the mammatus cloud.

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Amazing clouds looking at this cloud conjures all types of images for me, wish i was laying on the ground looking up seeing this cloud