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Cover design by Paul Rand for Great issues in American History: a Documentary Record by Richard Hofstadter. New York: Vintage Books, 1958.

Westinghouse Ad Designed by Paul Rand (thanks lukestotler) Ad agency: Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove, Inc.

I love the closure used in this Paul Rand piece. You can see the relation of the shapes between the different members of the family. The colors are varying between light colors (happy/closeness) and dark colors (maybe secrets that are kept hidden). The simplicity of the forms also convey a sense that this could be any family.

Paul Rand, Poster for Aspen Design Conference, 1966 by 50 Watts, via Flickr

APRIL• Simple graphics effectively convey the meaning of the title. Figure and Ground relationship of man's shadow is well executed here that add a sense of mystery. Additionally, the use of classic colours of the figure forms a strong visual contrast. Brown background looks retro.

Paul Rand, poster against war, 1968 -- 50 Watts, via Flickr

Paul Rand, Westinghouse, 1970 Annual Report cover by 50 Watts, via Flickr

Death Mask- Paul Rand

a repin from Amy Cartwright via Marion P. onto Retro Lushness: Paul Rand

American Graphic Design by Alki1, via Flickr

cat, fish, etc. paul rand book